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Paris: Location sketch — Ile de la Cité | pen & ink

Location sketch of Quai des Orfevres, Paris (pen and ink) Eiffel Tower neighborhood, location sketch in pen and ink Gibert Bookshop, Paris: view from balcony Pedestrians in Quartier Latin, Paris
two people standing in the rain (pen and ink) My purse: contour drawing, still life (pen and ink) Statue of River Nymph (Marne): sketched at Louvre Museum Statue of Pomona and Vertumnus, sketched at Louvre
Jardin de Luxembourg: location sketch, pen and ink La Rochelle - location sketch (pen and ink) Travel Sketch, Ibiza:  the ferry from Barcelona (watercolor) Travel sketchbook, Ibiza - entering through the old fortifications (watercolor)
Travel Sketchbook, Ibiza: Cafe con Leche (collage, watercolor, ink) Travel Sketchbook, Ibiza: water bottle (collage, watercolor) Travel Sketchbook, Ibiza: view of Vedra Island (pen and ink) Los Angeles, location sketch of balcony (gouache, ink)
Los Angeles: courtyard in Spanish colonial house (gouache, ink) Los Angeles view of rooftops over Hollywood Hills (gouache, ink) Metro Hell: Paris subway devil (gouache, collage, ink) Moth to light, from the heart (acrylic, collage, ink)
Blue Woman, butterfly heart (collage, ink, acrylic) New girl in Paris (collage, gouache, ink) Nine faces: imaginary, absurd, ornamental (ink) 6 monster: exercise in character drawing (ink)
Granny with ice cream cone (pen and ink) thumb allblank thumb allblank thumb allblank
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